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When you are facing potential criminal charges or are under investigation for a criminal offense in Denver, the selection of a skilled, competent criminal defense attorney is paramount. Choosing the right lawyer can mean the difference between serving time behind bars and freedom. The Iyer Law Office, LLC has gained a reputation as one of the Denver area’s finest criminal defense firms. With years of successful trial experience, V. Iyer and his legal team have been providing top-notch legal services to clients facing all sorts of criminal charges. Making the decision on a criminal defense attorney can directly affect the outcome of your case and your future, so choose wisely based on expertise and not price.

With years of experience in cases ranging from attempted murder or assault and DUI to domestic violence and theft, the Iyer Law Office understands the investigative process and the trial process. Our firm is highly skilled in research and negotiations with law enforcement officials and prosecutors. No matter the severity of the charges you may be facing, V. Iyer will provide you with dedicated, passionate and aggressive representation to obtain the best possible outcome. Whether you are facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor, the Iyer Law Office, LLC will attack your defense with the same aggressive mentality.

Being one of the Denver area’s finest criminal defense firms, we understand that each individual case is different. V. Iyer and his team will provide thorough research and exhaust all possible resources on your behalf. It is imperative when faced with such severe charges that you work with experienced, knowledgeable and competent attorneys whose primary area of law practice is Criminal Defense. Potential clients should also feel comfortable knowing that V. Iyer understands the differences between state and federal criminal charges and has experience working in both state and federal court systems. Working with the Iyer Law Office will prove invaluable in achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

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Quality criminal representation at a fair value price is the goal of the firm and, as such, our office will disclose all fees to our clients. There are never any hidden fees or costs. Our office accepts all four major credit cards as forms of payment and will establish payment plans, if necessary. If you believe you are the target of a criminal investigation or will be charged with a criminal offense, contact the Iyer Law Office, LLC immediately.

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V. Iyer understands the seriousness of facing a criminal charge. With years of successful defenses in cases ranging from attempted murder, conspiracy, assault and theft to DUI, V. Iyer is the Rocky Mountain area’s finest. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the Iyer Law Office, LLC immediately. Remember, it is better to know the Iyer Law Office, LLC and not need us than to need criminal defense representation and not know us. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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